Healing Horses


Do you experience difficulty in working with your horse?

Do you find that you just can’t understand what is going on or why?

Do you see your horse suffering from a myriad of injuries or
ailments that seem to arise for no reason?

Would you really like to help your horse move past fears or anxiety so that they don’t return?

You can have that!

You can have an ease and fun working with your horse so that your horse becomes a true partner and you enjoy time together.

You can gain greater understanding of what makes your horse tick.

You can virtually eliminate phantom injuries. AND decrease your horse’s desire to create them in the first place.

You can build your horse’s confidence so that fear and anxiety are a thing of the past.

Discover a surprisingly simple set of tools and techniques that you can use TODAY to begin to break down the walls that have your horse blocked in. Many others have used these same tools to develop a deeper connection with their equine partners.

Combined with the work of veterinary professionals, trainers, farriers and other horse professionals, horse owners can catapult to great success, greater understanding and more connection.

Think it’s not remotely possible??

Listen to what Elyse has to say about her horse Willz after applying the techniques taught:


“I’m still shocked that we’ve gotten this horse trail riding. I never would have thought that was possible before. I’m amazed at his progress. When I’ve ridden him, there is rarely any head tossing or coughing anymore. Our last ride, after a quick warm up in the ring, we went for a nice trail ride.  Round trip was probably about 2 miles, almost to the very back of the farm. The only time Willz has ever been back to that part of the farm before he SHREDDED his bell boots dancing and jumping.  Last night he was calm and cool once he settled into what we were doing. I am even prouder of him than I was before!  Can’t wait to see what else is possible for him!!”

Energy is all around us. It is in everything, flowing through


Past trauma, abuse, illness and even self-judgment can block the flow of energy. That blocked energy creates limitation that can show up as:

Fear and anxiety
Aches and pains in the body
Negative emotions
and many other “symptoms”

It is possible to release that limitation and unlock that energy to move forward with your horse to create deeper connection and a better relationship!

Pragmatic Tools to Connect Deeper with Your Horse

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